Pro Shop

Call and ask for Chuck to drill and/or sell you equipment. Monday - Friday between 10 AM and 4 PM. Drilling is included in most of our bowling balls (inserts / grips are extra).

NEW ITEM: If you roll a ball that has lost its hook, come try our DETOX machine. See the video below. We have several bowlers who will testify to the positive results after a 15 minute process. Just think how much oil we can get out after a 30 minute session. Add a resurface to the DETOX and you are back to an almost new out of the box ball.

15 Minutes - $15.00 plus tax
30 Minutes - $25.00 plus tax

Bronze Package includes detox and new finger inserts for $32.00 plus tax.
Silver Package includes detox and a resurface for $50.00 plus tax
Gold Package includes detox, finger inserts and resurface for $60.00 plus tax