Duckpin Bowling

Duckpin is a social game where guests roll a 3 1/2 pound ball the size of a cannon ball. The guest has between 1 and 3 shots at knocking down the correct pins depending on the game chosen by the guest. Traditional 10 frame game allows each guest up to three attempts to clear the 10 pins. A game like Angry Birds has two shots to knock down the pins indicated on the screen. If a guest does this, the birds will take out the pigs on the screen. The more pigs you take out the higher your score. We also have a game for the little tykes where they roll one ball and then their buddy takes a turn and so on. They do this 5 times keeping all the littles involved and no time to leave the group event.

Come check it out. We even have an area of seating only that is elevated. We call it the Bird's Nest. This is a great place for hanging out and "watching" the people play.