Big Apple Fun Center Kids Birthday Parties

Kids Vote Bowling Birthday Parties #1. When you're looking for a birthday party place in Kearney...Big Apple Fun Center is your party headquarters.

We understand that home birthday parties are a lot of work: picking a birthday theme, getting party invitations, decorating for the party, cooking, entertaining during the party, and then cleaning up after the guests leave!

Here's A Great Idea...Let Us Do All Of The Work!

You want the party to be perfect and we know it can be stressful! So instead of stressing out - we have an easy & affordable party solution.




5 Reasons You'll Love a Birthday Party With Us

  • Everyone loves to bowl - and can participate!
  • We know what kids like - fun, fun, fun!
  • Value - Value - Value! Parents want it and we provide it.
  • It's a FANTASTIC PARTY with no stress!
  • It's easy - reserve your party now and we'll do the rest!

Party Guidelines and Policies

  • On-Line Reservations require a "Minimum of 5 business days".  Late Reservations: Please call 308-234-4545 ext 4 or email to see if there is an opening available.  If something can be worked out, we will get you in. 
  • Prices listed on the website "do not include tax".
  • Saturday afternoons are the most popular and tend to sell out FAST so the earlier you reserve the better.
  • Saturday's in general does not afford a lot of extra seating...please be accurate with your head count or your adults may not have a place to sit.
  • NO ICE CREAM or SMASH cakes allowed!! Please also do not bring Popcorn, Confetti, Sunflower Seeds, Piñatas of any kind or other outside food or beverages (catering and beverage options available to add to any package).
  • You may bring: cookies, cupcakes or cake (no ice cream or smash), party favors, place settings (we do not provide these) and non-latex balloons (table setting without helium).
  • We strive to assure the best party experience possible for you and your guests.  To ensure proper staffing, we ask you to book your party no later than 5 PM on Wednesday the week of your party.  If you experience any difficulties, please contact me directly at 308-234-4545 ext. 4.