Open Bowling

The Big Apple Fun Center offer 36 lanes of open bowling, all with the automatic bumpers on them for the children ages 12 years and younger only. This means that one family of 2 adults and 2 children under 12 years can bowl together as a family on one lane if they want. When the childrens names are activated, the bumpers will come up for them and when an adult bowls, the bumpers will go back down. Cool huh?

Cosmic Bowling

No matter what you call it ... Bowling under the Black Lights is more fun than any one person should be allowed.

For the Families ... We have a kid friendly Cosmic show that starts at Noon on Saturday and runs until 5 PM. This show will be cancelled if the center is hosting a tournament/league or other special event.

Please call to ensure open lanes are available.

  • Thursday - Saturday
  • After 10:00 PM
  • Crank up the tunes
  • Awesome light show

League Bowling

30 Week Leagues

We are talking team and individual sign ups for our 2020-2021 fall/winter season programs.  If you are interested, you can email me with questions.  I will try to find a league that will work for you.  If you are a first year bowler, I will suggest you start out on one of our shorter programs where there is no cash prize money but the fee to bowl each week is lower.  These leagues are also more fun based vs the 30 week programs that are competitive.

You can reach me at 308-234-4545 ext. 15 or via email at  Our 30 week programs will start the last couple of weeks in August or the first week in September.


Call and ask for Chuck to drill and/or sell you equipment. Monday - Friday between 10 AM and 4 PM. Drilling is included in most of our bowling balls (inserts / grips are extra).

NEW ITEM: If you roll a ball that has lost its hook, come try our DETOX machine. See the video below. We have several bowlers who will testify to the positive results after a 15 minute process. Just think how much oil we can get out after a 30 minute session. Add a resurface to the DETOX and you are back to an almost new out of the box ball.


15 Minutes - $15.00 plus tax.  30 Minutes - $25.00 plus tax --- Bronze Package includes detox and new finger inserts for $32.00 plus tax.  Silver Package includes detox and a resurface for $50.00 plus tax.  Gold Package includes detox, finger inserts and resurface for $60.00 plus tax


Bowling Calendar

Group / company / school Parties

It is time to book your Company Parties, Family Gatherings and other special events. We can reserve an area, entire property or just an activity.  Need a minimum of 30 to book a party package.  Please contact Kenny at 308-234-4545 ext. 15 or via email at  I customize every package based on your requests.

Contact Us

500 W 4th Street, Kearney, NE 68845
(located behind Earl May Gardens)
phone: 308-234-4545